Past & Present Student Projects

ongoing projects:

  • Yuxiang Zhou (UW)
    Probing the Stellar Initial Mass Function in IC342
  • Emily Geist (Juniata U., REU @ UW in 2019 & 2020)
    Measuring bar strength in nearby galaxies
  • Malik Bossett (NAU, NAC/REU @ UW 2020)
    Surface photometry of galaxies in clusters
  • Aliyah Postell (UofA, NAC/REU @ UW 2020)
    Understanding star formation in the infalling galaxy in NGC 1275

completed projects – UW students:

  • Nikki Noughani (UW Madison, graduated 05/2020, now graduate student at RIT)
    Chasing down variable stars from a decade-long dataset
  • Guangwei Fu (UW-Madison, now grad school at UMD)
    Background study of WFIRST exo-planet host stars
    Results so far: AAS poster
  • Ian Norwood, UW-Madison:
    Galaxy interactions and transformations in the Perseus cluster

completed projects – REU students

  • Sara Kostmayer (Mississippi State U, NAC/REU @ UW 2019)
    Ultra-diffuse galaxies in galaxy clusters
  • Amy Griffin (U. Oklahoma, REU @ UW 2018)
    Search for ultra-diffuse galaxies in the Perseus galaxy cluster
  • M.K. Gorsuch (Colorado Mesa U, NAC/REU @ UW 2017)
    Variable sources in the WIYN/ODI LSST prototype survey
  • Travis Stadler – NC A&T – NAC/REU at UW-Madison (summer 2016):
    Search for dust in early type galaxies, based on SDSS data and unsharp masking
    Results: AAS poster
  • Shireen Fikree – REU at UW-Madison (summer 2016):
    Search for galaxy groups and sub-clumps in the Perseus galaxy cluster
  • Eric Sandberg – REU at NOAO with Jayadev Rajagopal (2015)
    Search for active asteroids in DECAM data
    Results: AAS poster
  • Samantha Brunker – REU at NOAO with Jayadev Rajagopal (2014)
    Study of the dusty tail of active asteroid 300163
    Results: AAS poster