Transit of Venus 2012


The past Transit of Venus was a truly once-in-a-lifetime event, with the next event only coming up in 2117. To celebrate it accordingly, we put together a fantastic event. We offered the public multiple telescopes, one using solar filters to directly view the event, and equipped some other telescopes with (admittedly very improvised) projection screens to give everyone a chance to catch a glimpse of this rare event. In addition to the live event outdoors, Jean Creighton offered special planetarium shows highlighting the historical importance of solar transits.

To make sure everyone is truly enjoying the time at UWM, we offered freshly grilled brats,  snacks, and refreshments, while two bands were playing live music.

All in all, the turnout of more than 500 visitors vastly exceeded our expectations, and we ran out of food halfway through the visible part of the transit before the sun disappeared below the horizon.