Script directory

At the moment, the development version of the pODI QuicKReduce pipeline contains the following script. Click on each one to get more details on functionality and how to run it.

Additional tools and scripts added after the first official release – these are currently only available in the development branch via svn:

The development version also has a few smaller tools for specific tasks. These tools are mostly for testing and fiddling around with stuff and, while being available for now, will likely be incorporated into other tools at some point.


Scripts marked as “calibration only” shouldn’t be necessary for the normal user, these scripts create some behind-the-scenes calibration files that are typically delivered via the svn system. Documentation might be a little sparse and rudimentary for these tasks.

There are also two script that only work on wiyn-5, either because they interact directly with the instrument and telescope or require some extra data that is non-public.


Bad-pixel (or rather bad-region) masks:

You will also get a whole bunch of DS9 region files with bad-pixel regions for the central 3×3 OTAs. These are valid ds9 region files, so if you want to view or change any of them just load and/or save them from ds9.

  • bpm_xy22.reg
  • bpm_xy23.reg
  • bpm_xy24.reg
  • bpm_xy32.reg
  • bpm_xy33.reg
  • bpm_xy34.reg
  • bpm_xy42.reg
  • bpm_xy43.reg
  • bpm_xy44.reg