Current and past research

GALEV evolutionary synthesis models
Research interests
PhD-project: Galaxy evolution from photometric redshifts
Diploma thesis: Multiwavelength study and optical spectroscopy of X-Ray selected Active Galactic Nuclei
Ongoing projects and collaborations
Research goodies

looking for the pODI pipeline: Discover it here!


GALEV models on the web –

I’m responsibly for operating and maintaining the now official GALEV website that can be found at
From this webpage you can download previously published models and data, and also run your own GALEV model interactively.


Research interests

  • Galaxy Formation and Evolution from the early universe until today
  • Stellar Populations in galaxies of different Hubble types and environments
  • Star Formation and its Feedback processes
  • Observation and modelling of Spectral Energy Distributions (SEDs) of galaxies and star clusters from
  • Ultraviolett to Infrared (U through K)
  • Star Formation in different environments from galaxy mergers to the very outskirts of spiral galaxies
  • Dust Absorption and Reemission in galaxies along the Hubble sequence, MIR to sub-mm modelling of galaxies
  • Galaxy Transformation Scenarios in galaxy clusters
  • Astronomical data processing and reduction, pipelines


Diploma thesis

Subject of my diploma thesis supervised by Prof. Kollatschny was

Multiwavelength study and optical spectroscopy of X-Ray selected Active Galactic Nuclei

Click here for a summary in pdf-format.


Ongoing projects and collaborations

  • Thorsten Lisker (PI, Uni Heidelberg), Hagen Meyer, and several grad students in the Heidelberg group: Stellar populations in Virgo dwarf and giant galaxies
  • Jay Gallagher (Univ. Wisconsin, Madison), Uta Fritze (Univ. Hertfordshire)
    Star Formation in the extreme outskirts of galaxies
  • Paul Kotze, Renee Kraan-Korteweg, Patrick Woudt (all Univ. Cape Town, South Africa), Uta Fritze (Univ. Hertfordshire): Galaxy Transformation in clusters

Former projects I was involved in

  • Hagen Meyer (PI, Uni Heidelberg, Germany), Polychronis Papaderos (Instituto de Astrofisica de Andalucia, Spain), Yuri Izotov (Main Astronomical Observatory, Kiev, Ukraine):
    The Luminosity-Metallicity Relation for star-forming dwarf galaxies
  • Barbara Cunow (PI, University of South Africa, Pretoria, South Africa), Hagen Meyer (Uni Heidelberg, Germany), Uta Fritze (Uni. Hertfordshire), Polychronis Papaderos (Instituto de Astrofisica de Andalucia, Spain):
    Stellar Populations and Dust Extinction in Disk Galaxies


Research Goodies:

  • Larger Findingcharts for Faint Infrared Standards from Persson et al, 1998 (PDF-File, 1.6MB)
  • coming Soon: tabcalc
  • coming Soon: creapp

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