pODI Rev 534: Support for Binning

I added support for binning, by modifying the default filenames used for biases, darks, etc.

All new files now look like bias_binY.fits instead of the old bias.fits, where Y is currently either 1 or 2.

To do:

This also affects the default calibration products for the pupilghost, so you might have to run the following commands in the directory with these files.

ln -s pupilghost_radial___level_2.fits pupilghost_radial___level_2__bin1.fits
ln -s pupilghost_template___level_2.fits pupilghost_template___level_2__bin1.fits

Limitations & caveats:

  • podi_makecalibration.py can already create all files with the correct, new filenames, but there is no code for separating binned from unbinned data, so if you mix the two you’ll likely run into trouble when running the imcombine stage.
  • There are no new bad-pixel masks yet, so bad pixel masking on binned data is not a good idea yet.
  • The WCS solution also depends on binning, this is not fixed yet.