Rev 1504: New reduction log, improved WCS and pupilghost

Rev 1504 (2015-08-24)

  • Improved WCS solution for some frames where QR < 0.9 found a valid solution, but the faster algorithm in QR 1.1 yielded some wrong, yet seemingly good, WCS solution
  • Improved algorithm to compute Pupilghost templates by auto-centering and auto-rotating all constituent frames rather than relying on center positions derived by hand.
  • New reduction log added to the output file (both primary and OTA headers);

            Reduction log
    _OVERSCN= 'successful'         / overscan subtraction
    _XTALK  = 'successful'         / crosstalk correction
    _GAIN   = 'not selected'       / explicit gain correction
    _BIAS   = 'not selected'       / bias subtraction
    _DARK   = 'not selected'       / dark correction
    _FLAT   = 'not selected'       / flatfielding
    _ILLUMCR= 'not selected'       / illumination correction
    _BADPXLS= 'not selected'       / bad pixel masks applied
    _EXTNORM= 'not selected'       / normalize to counts per sec
    _PERSIST= 'not selected'       / persistency masking
    _SATURAT= 'not selected'       / saturation trail masking
    _WCSDIST= 'successful'         / import WCS distorion
    _COSMICS= 'not selected'       / cosmic ray rejection
    _PGHOST = 'not selected'       / pupilghost removal
    _FRINGE = 'attempted'          / fringe removal
    _WCSCAL = 'successful'         / astrometric calibration
    _NONSDRL= 'not selected'       / non-sidereal correction
    _PHOTCAL= 'not selected'       / photometric ZP calibration
    _SOFTBIN= 'not selected'       / software binning