R1505-R1514: Stack background normalization and photometry keywords, improved pupilghost scaling


  • Some bugfixes
  • Improved the scaling for the pupilghost subtraction.
    Tested so far as stand-alone module as well as as part of collectcells. Yet to
    be verified/modified is the PG feature in make_calibrations.
  • Updated the PG scaling computation in collectcells to be compatible with the new
    methods in podi_matchpupilghost.
  • Improved and adapted the pupilghost scaling for master flat-fields to use the
    new scaling algorithm. New code works, but at least for new ODI 5×6 data the
    relative gain values from the non-linearity correction are too close to 1. and
    do not fully correct cell-to-cell gain variations, thus making the scaling not
    good enough for now.


  • Added background renormalization to swarpstack. If specified via the -normsky
    option, podi_swarpstack keeps track of the skylevels of each frame, properly computes the appropriate skylevel for the output frame, and re-adds the final sky-background
    back into the images after stacking.
  • Also added computation of the final gain to account for operations during


  • bugfixes


  • Added new option -trimcell to trim all cell edges to avoid bad pixels near the
    edges. Generally recommended values are between 1 and 5, larger values simply
    remove science area without adding any real benefits.