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Cosmic life
The Mice - Image by HST/ACS The Tadpole galaxy - Image by HST/ACS
The Mice The Ant Nebula The Tadpole (auf deutsch = Kaulquappe)

That's me
Punting in Cambridge under the Mathematician Bridge In Kew Gardens, in front of the Japanese Zen Garden
Punting in Cambridge Walking in Kew Gardens (London)

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Some potential bachelor/master thesis projects (local version)

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Some nice additional astronomical pictures

Some pictures from nice holiday places and music festivals

Address at work:

Peter Anders
Sterrenkundig Instituut, Universiteit Utrecht
P.O. Box 80000
NL-3508 TA Utrecht
The Netherlands
Tel.: +31-302535206
Fax.: +31-302535201
Email: P.Anders at (at -> @)